ACK St. Luke’s Mission Hospital – Kaloleni, Kilifi County

ACK St. Luke’s Mission Hospital is a mission institution offering high-quality affordable medical services to all patients. It was established in 1927 by the Church Missionary Society. In 2013, ACK Mombasa Diocese gave the hospital to Anglican Development Services (ADS Pwani) in order to manage.

Outpatient Services ↗

  • General Outpatient Service
  • Minor Surgeries
  • Comprehensive Care Clinic (CCC)
  • TB Clinic
  • MCH (FP, ANC, CWC)
  • VCT

Laboratory Services

St. Luke’s Mission Hospital is equipped with well-trained competent staff and modern equipment that are used to conduct tests for:

  • Full Haemogram
  • Blood Grouping 
  • Blood Sugar
  • Urinalysis       
  • Stool O/C
  • Pregnancy Test   
  • DU Test
  • Cd4
  • AAFB       
  • ESR
  • ANC Profile            
  • Creatine         
  • H.Pylori
  • HBSAG      
  • VDRL           
  • CRAG
  • HVS              
  • HB
  • BS                 


ACK St. Luke’s Mission Hospital has two well-stocked pharmacies that dispense medicines on prescription from doctors. The pharmacies only stock original drugs that are safe for human consumption.

Maternity (Labor & Delivery)

Serves both normal delivery and Caesarian Section.

Inpatient Services & Operating Theatre

We have a female & male general ward, private ward, and pediatric ward. There is the presence of a well-equipped theatre, with highly qualified staff.

School of Nursing

The school of Nursing at ACK St. Luke’s Mission Hospital was established in 1965. The school offers a Diploma in Community Health Nursing (KRCHN).