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Counties of Operation in Kenya

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The development arm of A.C.K Dioceses of Mombasa, Taita Taveta and Malindi

Reducing poverty levels in the region

ADS Pwani is a faith-based organization in the service of God’s people through developmental interventions aimed at improving the quality of life.

All the programs are undertaken based on the greatest need towards poverty alleviation as informed by socio-economic indicators, always with the disposition of love and respect for God and His people.

#Leaving No One Behind

We Help Rural Communities To Be Resilient

By improving community food security and livelihoods through enhancing agricultural production, processing and marketing, entrepreneurship, infrastructural development, and rural community savings and credit/lending.

Poverty in its various forms has to be reduced and its vicious cycle broken for it has this uncanny ability of transmitting vulnerabilities across generations. Similarly, the existing inequalities have to be mitigated.

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