Program Background

Its goal is to contribute to the reduction of new infections and AIDS related morbidity and mortality for an HIV free society, majorly concentrating in Kinango District of Kwale county. The Global fund Round 10 HIV and AIDS project priority areas of focus are based on KNASP III, which seeks to deliver a HIV free society in Kenya by:

  • Reducing new HIV infections,
  • Improving the quality of life of those infected & affected by HIV and AIDS and
  • Mitigating the socio economic impact of the scourge

Program Objectives and Service Delivery Areas

  1. Expand care and treatment services to reach universal access by 2013 and maintain the cohort through to 2016.
  • Anti Retroviral Therapy and Monitoring.
  • Care and support for the chronically ill.
  1. By 2016, increase the coverage of PMTCT and HTC interventions by at least 25% each.
  • Prevention of Mother to child transmission.
  • HIV testing and Counseling.
  1. Strengthen management and administration of GF grants
  • Leadership and Governance.

Program Implementation Strategies

To achieve the goal and objectives, and to ensure deliverable results in line with priority areas, gaps and service areas, implementation strategies have been adopted in line with KNASP III which include:

              1.       Training

·         Comprehensive guidelines on conducting trainings

·         Selecting trainees and trainers

             i.      Community Health Workers training on CHBC

·         Community Health Workers who will have been identified by SRs in consultation with the DHMTs shall be attached to Health facilities.


               2.       Outreaches

 Comprehensive guidelines on conducting outreach and the primary target recipients are:

  • The outreach services – PLHIV and their caregivers, visibly pregnant women and all women of reproductive age and men of reproductive age.
  • Outreach  – Activity Report formats.