The Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) process has been continuing in 14 villages of Jaribuni location (i.e. 5 in Chivara sub location, 6 in Mwapula sub location and 3 in Marere sub location). The total attendance in PRA/PID process meetings to date is at 578 people (156 male and 422 female). 

9 villages (Mwapula, Chivara, Miani, Mwabau, Chonje, Makalangeni, Mayowe, Boponi and Mbaoni) the selected committees have completed their plans of action and presented them to the rest of the community members. The plans of action developed by the committee members focused mainly on six life aspects namely Food security, Water, Health, Education, Environment and Infrastructure.

3 villages (Muhoni, Mbudzi and Tataje) are still working on their plans of action, and 2 villages (Jeza and Marere) are at visioning stage. 1 village (Mitangani) has not moved beyond awareness creation stage due to poor turnout by the community members.