This programme is intended to bring the Church to the community, the community to see the church as the light and salt of the community in taking the lead in mobilizing the community for change. While ADS - Pwani is appreciated as the arm of the church doing the development work, at times the arm has been more dominant than the owner of the arm. This process will therefore enable the community to see the Church in its totality. It is intended also

for both the clergy and the ADSP staff to appreciate each others equal call in the ministry of social transformation. A united church sensitive to the suffering of the community will touch the hearts of the community members and appreciate the church and come to Christ who has touched them where it hurts most. This approach addresses the attitudes that contribute to underdevelopment and change the thinking pattern of the community. Since this is already taking place in the members of the church and their families, the community will be ready to listen to them to understand that which has caused change in their lives.

The design of the programme is based on this premise that

  • Church is the beginning point
  • Church must “Awaken” first so as to “stir up” the community
  • Church understands who she is (her biblical mandate for  holistic ministry)
  • Church begins to outwork the concepts of Integral Mission
  • Church goes out to the community to build relationships

Purpose/Objective of the process

Empowering people to holistically transform their situation using God-given local resources

  • People deeply analyze their situation and desire to transform it
  • Take full responsibility to transform their situation
  • People join hands and actually transform their situation