This program is being carried out in Ganze and Malindi Districts of Kilifi County. The project is a relief intervention in five Divisions (Locations) namely, Jaribuni, Ganze, Bamba and Vitengeni of Ganze District and LangoBaya (Chakama) of Malindi District.

All these five locations are found in the same Geographical region hence they share the same major problem of drought. Drought mainly caused by unreliable and poor distribution of rainfall.

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This programme is intended to bring the Church to the community, the community to see the church as the light and salt of the community in taking the lead in mobilizing the community for change. While ADS - Pwani is appreciated as the arm of the church doing the development work, at times the arm has been more dominant than the owner of the arm. This process will therefore enable the community to see the Church in its totality. It is intended also

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Program Background

Its goal is to contribute to the reduction of new infections and AIDS related morbidity and mortality for an HIV free society, majorly concentrating in Kinango District of Kwale county. The Global fund Round 10 HIV and AIDS project priority areas of focus are based on KNASP III, which seeks to deliver a HIV free society in Kenya by:

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The Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) process has been continuing in 14 villages of Jaribuni location (i.e. 5 in Chivara sub location, 6 in Mwapula sub location and 3 in Marere sub location). The total attendance in PRA/PID process meetings to date is at 578 people (156 male and 422 female). 

9 villages (Mwapula, Chivara, Miani, Mwabau, Chonje, Makalangeni, Mayowe, Boponi and Mbaoni) the selected committees have completed their plans of action and presented them to the rest of the community members. The plans of action developed by the committee members focused mainly on six life aspects namely Food security, Water, Health, Education, Environment and Infrastructure.

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