Board of directors are drawn from the Dioceses of Taita Taveta and Mombasa so as to steer social development programs in the region . Each Diocese appoints 5 members to the board. The members appointed include Clergy with development interests and lay persons. Bishops of the two Dioceses are also members of the Board, and alternate as Board Chairman after every two years.


The Rt. Rev. Dr. Samson Mwakitawa Mwaluda                                The Rt. Rev. Julius Robert Kalu

Taita-Taveta Diocese

Mombasa Diocese

  1. Rt. Rev. Dr. Samson M. Mwaluda - Bishop of Taita-Taveta Diocese
  2. Mrs. Julia Lughano
  3. Mr. John Mwakitawa
  4. Rev. Godfrey Mwanjulu
  5. Mr. Peter Madeda
  6. Dr. Mary Mjomba
  7. Ven John Mdawa
  1. Rt. Rev. Julius R. Kalu - Bishop of Mombasa Diocese
  2. Rt. Rev. Lawrence K. Dena - Asst. Bishop of Mombasa
  3. Dr. Harun Mkuzi
  4. Ms. Jane Mwailongo
  5. Mrs. Gladys Mweni
  6. Mrs. Margaret Kaduda
  7. Ven. Joseph Kashuru
  8. Canon James Mlewa
  9. Mr. Wamuti Ndegwa (Legal Advisor)