Anglican Development Services - Pwani (ADS - Pwani)

About Us.

Anglican Development Services- Pwani (ADS Pwani) is the development arm of A.C.K Dioceses of Mombasa, Taita Taveta and Malindi.

The region covers 6 Counties namely: Mombasa, Kwale, Lamu, Taita Taveta, Kilifi and Tana River. ADS Pwani is a faith-based organization in the service of God’s people through developmental interventions aimed at improving the quality of life. All the programs are undertaken based on the greatest need towards poverty alleviation as informed by socio-economic indicators, always with the disposition of love and respect for God and His people.

It was registered as a company limited by guarantee on 17th July 2003.

Vision – A lead change agent in Coast region empowering God’s people towards resilient, godly and dignified life.

Mission – To promote collaborative, impartial and integral development of coastal communities to achieve self-sustainability in witness of Christ.

As an organization, ADS PWANI is a well-functioning operation. It maintains a competent team of management and staff covering all the core functional areas. A board of directors drawn from the three dioceses provide oversight thus assuring sound leadership and governance. Operational policies exist for efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources. As a faith-based organization, the work environment is enabling.

Strategic Directions

Food Security & Livelihoods

To improve community food security and livelihoods through enhancing agricultural production, processing and marketing, entrepreneurship, infrastructural development, and rural community savings and credit/lending.


To deliver quality scaled up comprehensive preventative and curative health care services at community and institutional level.

Human Rights & Good Governance

To preserve the dignity of the individuals and communities and to promote social justice and the realization of the potential of all the human beings.

Institutional Strengthening & Capacity Building

To develop a sustainable institution that delivers on her mandate by investing in systems, staff development, research and resource mobilization.

ADS Pwani exists to serve with diligence the communities in the Coast Region.

She does so taking cognizance of the diversity of needs, addressing current and potential vulnerabilities to the livelihoods of persons in a participatory manner. ADS Pwani strives to engage her partners through mutual respect in a collaborative, transparent and accountable process to achieve a shared purpose.

ADS Pwani draws her finances from National and International partners/donors who fund different projects within Coast Region.

The headquarters are domiciled in Mombasa Town with satellite offices in Kwale, Mwatate and Marafa.